June 15, 2017

Sublimation Phone Cases Cooling Tool

Sublimation Phone Cases Cooling Tool is as essential a product as any other input that would be needed by the 3D Sublimation printing. As the name suggests, cooling tool is used to cool the products. Since the 3D Sublimation vacuum heat press machine uses heat and pressure to produce the right image, hence the cooling tool is used to cool the printed blanks.

What is Sublimation Phone Cases Cooling Tool?

cooling tool

3D Sublimation vacuum heat press machine operates at very high temperature. The temperature rises to as much as 180 to 200 degrees. Due to this high temperature, its the image that gets printed. Using the sublimation technique of printing, the image gets converted to gas instead of converting to liquid from the solid stage. But the blanks on which the image is printed, is either made of ceramic or plastic. These materials are prone to melting and distortion when at high temperature. If the printed covers and cases are left there itself, then they may permanently acquire the distorted shape.

A distorted cover or case would be of waste to the seller as well as to the buyer. Hence we bring cooling tool to your rescue. This is a machine where you can keep the printed phone covers and cases, and lock the tool. This will help the phone cover or case to get back to its shape under the tight pressure put by the cooling tool.

Why is it good to use a cooling tool?

Many producers of 3D Sublimation printed phone cases wholesale in India argue that its not necessary to use the Sublimation Phone Cases Cooling Tool. We suppose that they fail to understand that without the use of cooling tool, the phone cover or case, will not acquire the required shape. Rather it will remain and freeze distorted in shape. Which we as suppliers and producers dont want to happen. Hence it is good to have a tool that can automatically give the required shape to the phone covers and cases. This will help the producers as well as the users as both of them will be better off using the right products.

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Where you can get the best Sublimation Phone Cases Cooling Tool?

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