June 9, 2017

Sublimation Paper

Sublimation paper forms the most essential part of any sublimation business. These papers are specially formulated papers used for printing in the 3D Sublimation business. These papers are also called as heat transfer papers since these papers help in transferring the image to the blanks, using the 3D Sublimation heat press technology. A good paper quality will help you to obtain an excellent output, and we are sure you need the best for your customers! These are the papers which take your images from your desktops, to printing on the blanks! So a good quality will obviously do good! But how to select them and where can you find 3d sublimation heat transfer paper suppliers in India? Read on!

sublimation paper

What is a sublimation paper?

A specially formulated paper used for 3D Sublimation printing is called as sublimation paper. 3D Sublimation printing happens using the 3D Sublimation vacuum heat press machine. In 3D Sublimation printing business, the image which needs to be obtained, is printed on the sublimation paper using the photo printer and the sublimation ink. Then this printed sublimation paper is kept in the 3D Sublimation heat press vacuum machine, with the blank, and then using the method of sublimation printing, the blank is printed with the image.

What are different types of sublimation papers?

Sublimation paper is also called as heat transfer paper. There are different types of heat transfer papers available in market. These variations depend from soft finish to rough finish, from glossy to matte. This depends on the quality of the paper and the quality of coating used on the paper. These sublimation papers are available in retail as well as wholesale. You can buy depending on your usage and output demands.

Few companies talk about using 3d transfer film instead of the 3d sublimation heat transfer paper. We recommend that both have their own pros and cons and its upto your usage to decide which input will be best for your business.

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How to select the best paper?

To select the best heat transfer paper, there are few things that you need to make sure. Transfer rate of the paper should be good as to obtain the perfect output. The ink compatibility of the paper with the sublimation ink will lead to great outputs and high quality images. There must not be much spots on the paper as this can lead to ghosting of the image. The sublimation coating must be evenly placed over the entire paper which should be bright white in color. All these factors will help you in selecting the best heat transfer paper.

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Where can you find 3d sublimation heat transfer paper suppliers in India?

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