June 15, 2017

Sublimation Moulds and Dummies

When we are dealing with the inputs of the sublimation business, often a debated input is of Sublimation Moulds and Dummies for phone cases. Many suppliers say that dummies is not necessary in the production of appropriate and correct phone cases. We, being in this field for several years now, we believe that moulds and dummies are equally important for the production of right phone cases.

What are moulds and dummies? 

moulds and dummies


When you are into the sublimation business, one thing that you would encounter on a daily basis is the heat of the heat press machine. When we are making anything using the heat press machine, in the 3D Sublimation business, then we tend to put the item to be printed, with the printed sublimation paper into the sublimation machine. The sublimation machine usually works at 180 degrees to 200 degrees. The items tend to go through this heat everyday, every time. Since our blanks are either made of ceramic or of plastic, hence the blanks become hot and fragile due to high temperature.

Now, due to the high temperature, the plastic or even metallic phone cases tend to lose their shapes. A distorted mobile case or cover wont fit any phone and hence will be of no use either to the producer or to the buyer. Hence, for the rescue, we have moulds and dummies of all the phone cases and covers. Moulds are pre shaped phone cases and covers that dont melt or lose their shape even at the high temperature. Hence when you are printing the phone case, then you can wear the phone case over the mould. This would lead to not disturbing the shape of the phone case or cover.


On the other hand, dummies are models of phone. These dummies dont have the battery or the machine of the phone, rather its just the hardware of the phone. When you are done with the printing then you can use the dummies to check whether the phone case or the covers are in the correct shape or not. When you will use the dummy of any phone, to check the printed phone cover or case, then you will be sure that whether the case/cover will actually fit perfectly the customer’s phone or not.

What precautions you need to observe while using moulds and dummies?

While using the moulds or dummies there are certain precautions that you must observe in order to get the best output. Use the dummies only when the phone case or cover is just out from the machine. This will help you to get the correct shape and size for the phone. Since the phone covers, cases will be freshly printed, hence they will be bit lose due to recent exposure to heat. This will help you to shape the cases and covers, quickly, easily and accurately. Moulds must be used with the same phone covers and cases. You should not use a common mould for every phone cover or case. Since the phones are not same all over, hence, the moulds must also be exclusively used.

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Where will you get the best Sublimation Moulds and Dummies?

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