June 9, 2017

Sublimation ink

Sublimation ink forms an internal and important part of the 3D Sublimation printing business. It is this ink that helps in producing the right colored images on the sublimation paper. From the sublimation paper, it is due to presence of this ink that helps in sublimation process inside the 3D Sublimation heat press machine. But where to find this ink? How to select the best of it? What qualities must be a part of a good sublimation ink? How to find sublimation ink suppliers in India? Take a deep breath and read on, we have answered all your questions below!

What is sublimation ink?

sublimation ink

Sublimation ink is a special ink which is used in the 3D Sublimation printing process. This ink has special chemicals that help in 3D Sublimation printing. When this sublimation ink is put in the photo printer and then the image is produced on the heat transfer paper, then that image becomes apt to be used in 3D Sublimation machine. Also, the presence of this ink helps in sublimation to happen inside the machine. Due to this ink, the image converts directly into gas instead of converting into liquid. Hence this is how sublimation ink differs from normal photo printer ink.

How to select the best sublimation ink?

Since you will be using the sublimation ink to produce images on ceramic, plastic, fabric, metal, etc, hence the quality of this ink has to be nothing but the best. To select the best sublimation ink, you need to look for the transfer rate of the ink on the paper. Quicker the rate, better will be the ink. Also, try to get the ink which is recently packed, since this would ensure that the ink is not dried up been kept in the shelves of the supplier. Another yet important factor to choose the best sublimation ink, is to look for the company from which you are buying it. You need to make sure that the company has a good reputation in the case of post sales and quality services. This would ensure that you are not troubled post your purchases.

What will be the price range of a set of sublimation ink bottles?

A normal 100 ml set of 4 bottles of this ink would cost you around 1500 to 2000 rupees. There are different companies producing the ink in varied quantities and color combinations. Hence you can search for the best supplier as per your need.

Where will you find the best sublimation ink suppliers in India?

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