June 15, 2017

Sublimation Heat Resistant Tapes

Sublimation heat resistant tapes are an important part of getting  the perfect 3D Sublimation printing methodology. These are the tapes that resist the heat from tampering the print on the blanks. These heat resistant tapes are specially formulated for this type of printing work.  Lets see what work they do and how they are the best at their works!

What are heat resistant tapes?

heat resistant tapes

Heat resistant tapes are the tapes that are specially made to work for the 3D Sublimation printing business. These tapes are made of special plastic. This is not sticky in nature. This means they do stick to the blanks but dont leave an imprint of glue when taken off. The special plastic of which the tape is made, resists heat, as the name suggests.

How the Sublimation heat resistant tapes work? 

Sublimation heat resistant tapes are put on the blanks. When the sublimation heat transfer paper comes out of photo printer, with the printed image, then this paper is fragile to handle. Also, if the blank is not properly placed beneath the printed sublimation heat transfer paper, then the image may not get properly printed or get wrongly printed. Hence heat resistant tapes are used to stick the printed sublimation heat transfer paper on the blanks. It then, that the blanks are put in the 3D Sublimation heat press machine, to start with the printing process. When the image in transferred on 3D Sublimation blanks, using the 3D Sublimation vacuum heat press machine, then the printed blanks are taken out and the heat resistant tapes are removed. Its then that the perfect printed 3D Phone cases and covers are revealed.

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Where will you find them?

3D Sublimation heat resistant tapes are the most useful ingredients in perfect printing of the 3D Sublimation phone cases and covers. These are usually purchased in bulk and then used in the 3D Sublimation printing.  Since lots of entrepreneurs are starting their own sublimation business, hence they look for suppliers of tapes who can give them at cheap rates without compromising the quality. We are hence the leading 3D sublimation tapes wholesale suppliers India in the sublimation products market, including phone case blanks to printed phone cases. Get in touch.. Call +91 9849612387