June 9, 2017

3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine ST3042

Joy Sub is one of the best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Printing Machine Suppliers in India. We supply all types of 2D as well as 3D Sublimation printing machines. These sublimation printing machines can print all types of Sublimation products wholesale India. We have the 3D Sublimation printing machine ST 3042 which is pioneer in printing of sublimation products. This 3D Sublimation machine price in India is approx 30 to 35 thousand only. This works on the technique of creation of vacuum and sublimation ink transfer. We also have 5 to 6 different other models of 3D Sublimation printing machines. They differ from each other in terms of size, cost, technique, output quality, etc.

What is a 3D Sublimation printing machine?

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A 3d sublimation vacuum heat press machine is a sublimation machine that uses vacuum to print. In a 3d sublimation vacuum heat press machine, by the use of sublimation method, the color is converted from solid to directly gas instead of passing through the liquid state. This machine can produce digitally advanced images on the desired outputs. This is a new technology in the field of printing.

What all you can do using a sublimation heat press vacuum machine?

Using a 3D Sublimation machine, you can print on almost types of surfaces, from ceramic tiles to polycarbonate phone covers, from plastic mugs to polyester T Shirts. You can also print using the Sublimation heat press vacuum machine, in both 2D as well as 3D format. We have flat bed 2D Sublimation printing machine that can help you print on T Shirts, cushion covers, badges and photo frames. 3D Sublimation vacuum heat press machine can print 12 mugs at a time. It also prints awesome digitally advanced phone covers and cases.

Different models of sublimation heat press machines

Different models of sublimation heat press machines are ST 3042, ST 110, ST 2030, etc.

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What will be the range of these 3D sublimation printing machines?

Depending on the capacity and the output, these machines come in a range from 20 to 40 thousand rupees.

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The machine mentioned above i.e. ST3042 is the most successful machine in the sublimation history. It is easy to maintain and run. It costs less and can print almost all sublimation products.

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