April 1, 2017

Sublimation Products Wholesale India

Our company is one of the leading importers and distributors of sublimation products wholesale India. We have everything for you to setup and get your new sublimation business running in the shortest time.

3D Sublimation Phone Cases

sublimation products wholesale india

We supply both blank and printed 3D sublimation phone cases & covers. Our cases are made of hard polycarbonate plastic material which gives good protection to the phone. The cases are of Matte finish which make the cases nearly scratch resistant. All the cases are of premium quality. We have ready stock of nearly 200 phone models in cases.

Sublimation Printing Machines

sublimation products wholesale india sublimation products wholesale india sublimation products wholesale india

We can supply machines to print all sublimation products wholesale India. 3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine ST 3042 is one of the most popular machines which can print awesome mobile phone cases. It can also print many other products like mugs, stones, etc. We have portable sublimation machines to print single and multiple mugs together. 2D heat press machine is a flat bed machine which can print products like 2D phone cases, t shirts, cushion covers and many other products.


Moulds & Dummies for Phone Cases

sublimation products wholesale india

Moulds are used to fit the phone covers on them before putting into the heating machine. Dummies are used to test the fitting of the cases after printing. We have high quality made to perfection moulds and dummies to make the perfect cases.


Sublimation Paper

sublimation products wholesale india

Paper is a very important element in getting the colors of the sublimation print right. We have 128 GSM and 108GSM papers which print equally well. The transfer rate on the products is very good and the quality is consistently maintained every time. It’s A4 in size and each bundle contains 100 sheets.

Sublimation Ink

sublimation products wholesale india

We sell inks in sets of 6 bottles of 100ml each. The ink is of very good quality and prints the colors perfectly. Black is always black with our ink unlike other cheaper inks in the market which appear as brown.


Cooling Tool / Pad

sublimation products wholesale india

Cooling tools is used to tighten the hot case immediately after printing. This tool helps in keeping the case in proper shape and its usage avoids any fitting issues with the cases. It is a universal tool which is adjustable and can be used for all phone models. It is reasonably priced but very useful in daily printing activity.

Heat Resistant Tape

sublimation products wholesale india

Sublimation printing requires heat resistant tape to be used to stick the printed paper on the product while heating it. This tape does not melt even if it is heated with temperature more than 200 degrees. This comes in various sizes but most useful one is 10mm.

Silicone Sheets

sublimation products wholesale india

Silicone sheets are used in 3d vacuum machine. They have limited useful life and hence have to changed and used from time to time. These sheets create the vacuum in the machine for the printing to happen with precision. We have good quality sheets in stock every time to quicker delivery.


Other ancillary sublimation materials and spares

While running a sublimation printing business you may need spare parts of the machine and other general materials like gloves etc. Our company also supplies all types of materials and spares in the range of sublimation products wholesale India.


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