Sublimation ink price in India- Your query resolved

There are varieties of sublimation printers available in the country today. The companies that offer printers are by Epson to Ricoh, from that of HP to Canon. Along with these variety of printers for photo printing, there are various companies too that offer the sublimation ink. These sublimation inks are used in the photo printers. Sublimation inks are useful at two stages, once in the photo printers and then in the heat transfer machines. In photo printers, it is used to take the image from computer to the sublimation heat transfer papers. In the heat transfer machines it is used to transfer images from sublimation heat transfer papers to the blanks. We have received ample queries that what would be the sublimation ink price in India and we thought to answer the same through our following article.

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What will be the sublimation ink price in India?

A set of 100 ml of sublimation ink that contains 4 shades of color, is usually priced at 1500 to 2000 per set. For 6 colours set it is around Rs. 2500

How to select the best sublimation ink?

sublimation ink price in India

 Brand of printer

First and foremost thing that will help you to find the sublimation ink price in India is the brand of the photo printer for which you are searching the sublimation ink. It can be from Epson, Canon, HP or Ricoh. Different printers require different types of sublimation inks. All the printers cant be fitted with the same bottles. So you need to see for which brand of printer are you trying to buy the sublimation ink.

New or Refills

Next thing you need to decide is do you need a new set of cartridge of inks or you just need refills for your already existing cartridges? Refills come at cheaper rates than the entire new cartridge sets. But if you have brought the printer recently, then you would need a new set of cartridge for the printer. So you need to see this in detail. Once you know these two mentioned details, it will be easy for you to order for the ink and also to know the sublimation ink price in India.


Next thing you need to see is what quantity of ink you would need for your printer. Ink bottles come in 100 ml sets, 400 ml sets, 500 ml sets and even one kilogram sets. The quantity of ink you would need would entirely depend on your usage and maintenance. If you constantly use the printer, then you need to order higher amount of ink bottles. This will avoid re ordering and prevent wastage of time. Also, if you are using sublimation as a side business, then smaller amount of sublimation ink is OK. It is so because you wont be using the printer time and again.


Whether you want to buy a smallest of the product, you need to look for its quality. Quality is the most important factor affecting your purchase. Buyers do go for cheap products, so as to save money. But one thing they at times fail to understand is, quality over powers money. A good product costing you more is better than cheap trash. So before you think to buy of sublimation ink too, please look for what kind of quality you are searching. There are sublimation inks available at cheap prices in the country. These inks result in blur printing at times. Also, they can result in ghosting or gazing out of the ink. Hence it is mandatory to look for the quality of the sublimation ink that you are using.

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 Customer services

Time and again, in our previous posts too, we have focused on after sales services of the suppliers you choose. Customer services are the yardsticks that determine the dedication of any business. Every seller will be genuine and prompt till the sales happen. Once the sales happen, it will be only dedicated passionate sellers who will take care of their buyers. So when you are selecting the best supplier for your sublimation ink, please do take feedback from their previous buyers. Especially about the after sales service they provide.

We at Sublimation Joy make sure that we deliver the best to you. We are the leading suppliers of sublimation inputs as well as outputs. Also, our quality of the products has been the most talked about thing in the entire country. We make sure of timely delivery of things. Please reach out to us in case you are searching for the sublimation ink bottles for your photo printers. We bet to give you the best.


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