Ideal sublimation temperature-What and How?

3D Sublimation printing uses two types of printing processes. One is the 3D Sublimation heat press vacuum machine printing on the product and the other is 3D Sublimation printer printing on the paper. These machines are used to produce the perfect high definition image. These machines produce first on the sublimation paper and then on the mobile phone case/cover. While using the 3D Sublimation vacuum heat press machine, it’s very essential to take care of the ideal sublimation temperature. If by any chance, you don’t take care of it, it may lead to distorted and bad printing due to over burning and color deformation.

What is the ideal sublimation temperature?

sublimation temperature
If you are using the 3D Sublimation vacuum heat press machine for the first time or after a long time, then the ideal temperature is 180 degrees, for 8 minutes. If you use this temperature for every first time you print your mobile case or cover, then there won’t be any complaints for over burning or inappropriate printing.

How to set the appropriate sublimation temperature every time you print?

Now when you are using your 3D Sublimation heat press machine for the first time or after a long time, then the ideal temperature is 180 degrees for 8 minutes. But with time and usage, this temperature keeps on changing. Depending on multiple factors, this sublimation temperature may increase or decrease.

Cold Environment

The sublimation temperature that you need for your 3D Sublimation vacuum heat press machine depends on the environment in which you keep the machine. If you keep the machine is completely air conditioned room, then the 3D sublimation heat press machine will take time to heat up and this may increase the time required to 10 minutes and the temperature to 200 degrees.


It’s a basic necessity to keep your 3D Sublimation vacuum heat press machine in a completely dehumidified environment. If your city has a climate of humidity and precipitation then you probably need a dehumidifier in your office space where you have placed the machine. It will be needed because humidity can lead to non creation of vacuum in the machine, which can eventually lead to disturbing the sublimation temperature. 3D Sublimation printing machines have a silicon sheet inside them which eventually creates the vacuum needed for printing. If the air around the machine has humidity, then this vacuum wont be created and image wont be printed properly.


If you constantly use the 3D Sublimation machine for printing,  then every time you use it, you will need a lower temperature than before. This will happen because the machine would be pre heated from its previous usage. Hence a lower sublimation temperature will even give you the perfect image on the mobile case/cover. But remember, that if you are using the 3D Sublimation machine for the first time then you will surely need the 180 degrees sublimation temperature for complete 8 minutes.


At times we leave the machine open after using. This might happen forgetfully or in haste. This also leads to cooling down of the machine. Due to this, next when you use the machine, it may require again the adequate sublimation temperature. This adequate sublimation temperature of heating is at 180 degrees for 8 minutes. We also at times, use wet clothes to clean the machine, this also leads to cooling of the machine. Every time the machine cools down, you will need to start afresh for the sublimation printing.

There is one most important thing that you need to understand with respect to sublimation and its required temperature. It is that any higher temperature will result to over burning of the image on the case. Lower temperature will lead to under printing. Hence, right sublimation  temperature is needed for the perfect picture.

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