Sublimation supplies for sublimation printing-What, where and how?

In the 3D printing business, the supplies that one would require, differ and change according to output demanded and profits expected. It also depends on the investment one is willing to make in the 3d sublimation business. As a business person working for printing mobile cases and covers through 3d sublimation process, you will always feel the need for cheap inputs of high quality so that you can yield great outputs and heavy margins. For this, we have tried to compile a list of sublimation supplies that you will most probably need in your sublimation business.

What all sublimation supplies will you need?

Now to successfully run your sublimation business there are few sublimation supplies that are needed. This includes sublimation machines, heat resistant tapes, moulds, dummies, cooling tool, printing machines, sublimation paper, sublimation ink and silicon sheets.

Sublimation printing machines

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In sublimation business, sublimation printing machine forms one of the most important sublimation supplies. There are two types of machines that are required in the 3D Sublimation printing. One is the color printer that prints the images from computer to the sublimation paper using the sublimation ink; other is the heat press 3d sublimation vacuum machine which takes the image from the sublimation paper to the phone blank. Both of them form an essential part of the sublimation supplies since absence of any would lead to the phone case not being printed.

We supply machines in wholesale prices all over India. The machine that we prefer over all the other 3D printing machines is the 3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine ST 3042 because it can print awesome and cool phone covers and cases. Along with this, it can also print other products like mugs, stones, etc. We also have portable sublimation machines to print single and multiple mugs together.

Heat resistant tapes

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Heat resistant tapes are the sublimation supplies without which one can’t do it. Because without clamping the ends of paper to the moulds using the heat resistant tapes, printing can’t happen because the paper will move and this eventually will lead to distorted printing. These heat resistant tapes don’t melt even at high temperature as much as 200 degrees or high pressure. Hence it’s needed that the paper is pasted to the mould using the heat resistant tape. This will lead to paper being at its position and high quality printing. The best heat resistant tape is the 10 mm tape.

Moulds and dummies  

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Moulds are used to hold the phone covers and cases in place while printing on them. Since the phone blanks undergo a lot of heat and temperature, they may become lose and distorted in shape. Hence the moulds are required to hold the phone covers and cases. Dummies are used to test the printed cover. Printed covers and cases are put in the dummies to check as to whether they are accurate in shape and size.

Cooling tool

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Cooling tool is used to cool the recently printed phone cover or case. Since the phone covers undergo a lot of pressure and heat during printing hence then they are put in the cooling tool and locked so that they can cool easily and get back their shape quickly. This helps in avoiding wastage of phone covers since then they have the perfect shape and size needed to tightly hold the phone.

Sublimation paper

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Sublimation papers are special papers that come in sublimation supplies especially for sublimation printing. These papers have special coating of sublimation on them which helps in easily printing and retaining the print on the paper. The most important factor to be checked while selecting the best sublimation paper is the transfer rate and the brightness of the paper.  We have 128 GSM and 108GSM papers which print equally well. The transfer rate on the products is very good and the quality is consistently maintained every time. It’s A4 in size and each bundle contains 100 sheets.

 Sublimation ink

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Sublimation printer requires special sublimation supplies which are the sublimation ink bottles. This ink is purposefully made for sublimation printing on the sublimation paper. Using normal ink instead of sublimation ink may lead to banding and ghosting out effects on the print. We sell inks in sets of 6 bottles of 100ml each. The ink is of very good quality and prints the colors perfectly. Black is always black with our ink unlike other cheaper inks in the market which appear as brown.

Silicon sheets   

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Silicone sheets are used in 3d vacuum machine. They have limited useful life and hence have to be changed and used from time to time. These sheets create the vacuum in the machine for the printing to happen with precision. We have good quality sheets in stock every time for quicker delivery.

Where to find all these sublimation supplies?

With us! At Joy Sublimation, we provide you with the best products and nothing less. Our quick delivery, satisfactory customer service, in time training and repairs will surely leave you impressed! Do try us for all your sublimation supplies and similar needs!

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