April 1, 2017

About us

Hola! Thanks for being curious enough to land up here! Let us take you on a quick tour as who we are and what we do! (And also how are we so awesome!)

Who we are

JOY Sublimation is one of the leading Sublimation Blanks Products Wholesale Suppliers in India. It is owned by Dreamlabs Technologies Private Limited, a company based in Hyderabad since 2008. Our company also owns a gadgets accessories brand HAPPOZ which is well known in India. Mr. Varun Agarwal is the Founder, Director of the company. We have a professional team to provide you great service.

Where we are

Well, if you are excited to visit our office and see our awesome sublimation machines and sublimation enthusiasts at work, drop in at our Hyderabad, India office. We will be glad to be available for you virtually too. Just get in through our contact us page.

Our Products

We can fulfil all the requirements of starting a sublimation business. You need sublimation 3D vacuum machines, we have got that! Need heat transfer tapes, 3D sublimation blanks phone cases covers, sublimation transfer paper, cooling tools, moulds, silicone, inks, mugs, printers in wholesale get in touch with us. From pin to plane of sublimation printing supplies, we have got all. And not to forget, we deliver the best and nothing less.

How are we so breathtaking?

We are a set of inspired artists, enduring listeners and proficient workers who enjoy sublimation printing. 3D Sublimation vacuum printing machines are our weapons! Phone cases and mugs are domino effect!

What you can expect from us?

Excellence! We deliver excellence in our each and every product. Being one of the leading Sublimation Blanks Products Wholesale Suppliers in India, we can supply you premium quality products at best prices. We work very closely with our clients understanding their businesses and helping them grow faster and achieve greater success. Great customer service is one of our core values and so we do our best to deliver products to you in the shortest time frame. We are available anytime for after sales support too.

And mind it, our customer services are products too. We give you no option to complain! We provide you with the start up kits for starting a sublimation business too. These startup kits contain pin to plane of sublimation printing- sublimation machine, sublimation tapes, heat transfer papers, moulds, cases and sublimation ink.

That’s it?

No, We help you start your business, train you to handle it efficiently, help you grow and survive the current competitive market. Above all, we train you to be awesome in your newly established 3D Sublimation business.